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This website is where I bring together my two biggest passions in life; art and design. I hope you enjoy my work.

Learn more about me or contact me if you have any questions.

Life drawings drawn with different pose times from 1 minute to two hours

Life Drawing & Pose Time (From 1 Minute to 2 Hours)

My standard life drawing equipment

Best Life Drawing Equipment (What to Bring to a Class)

Best Life Drawing Mediums (Plus Examples, Tips & Techniques)

Best Web Development Tools (Free & Paid)

Responsive text size

Responsive Font Size (Optimal Text at Every Breakpoint)

Padding bewteen desktop, tablet, and mobile

Responsive Padding, Margin & Gutters With CSS Calc

Chalk life drawing with Conté Crayon

Chalk Life Drawings (Conté Crayon Vs Chalk Pencil)

A charcoal life drawing of a female model

Charcoal Life Drawing (Examples On White & Toned Paper)

Graphite Pencil Life Drawing

Graphite Pencil Life Drawing (Rendering & Sketch Examples)

Sepia ink life drawing

Ink Life Drawing (6 Experiments with Nibs & Brushes)

Racing car made from custom tags

Custom HTML Tags (18 Things To Know Before Using Them)

Looking into an empty div

Empty HTML Tags (21 Weird Things You Need To Know!)

A delicious soup made from custom elements

Replace Divs With Custom Elements For Superior Markup

Detail of a male model in white charcoal

White Charcoal Life Drawing On Toned Paper

Charcoal still life drawing of my shoe

Still Life (Drawings & Paintings)

A pencil drawing of a stand of trees

Trees (Drawings, Illustrations & Other Artwork)

A black ball-point pen doodle

Doodles, Little Drawings & Sketches

My optical illusion mural

Optical Illusions (Artwork That Tricks The Eye)

A close-up of my Ikea pig oil painting

Oil Painting (Still Life & Landscapes)

A close-up painting of pistachios with Gouche

Gouache Paintings (Still Life Illustrations)

Logo design concept & colors

Logo Design Concepts, Branding & Colors

Book illustration cover artwork

Book Cover Design & Book Illustrations

AI-generated art nouveau portrait

Art Nouveau (Drawings, Vector Illustrations & AI-Generated Art)

Black and white charcoal study of folded fabric

Drapery Drawing (Folded Fabric Studies in Charcoal & Pencil)

A charcoal portrait of Angela reading a book

Portraiture (Exploring Different Mediums, Styles & Techniques)

Watercolor illustration example

Watercolor Painting & Illustration

Vector portrait of Crystal the Doll

Vector Art (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Flash & Inkscape)

Terrace house renovation concept

Why I Love Architecture (My Inspiration & Design History)

Direct-to-Brain Augmented Reality (DBAR) with Neuralink & AI

Direct-to-Brain Augmented Reality (With Neuralink & AI)

A nice sharp pencil

The Art of Sharpening Pencils (Styles & Techniques)

An old man with fading synesthesia

Does Synesthesia Fade With Age? (My First-Hand Experience)

My colored alphabet including numbers

My Synesthesia Story (Colored Letters & Numbers)

Four-leaf clovers standing out as a different color

Synesthesia Helps Me Find Four Leaf Clovers

The Bug Insects

The Bug Insects (4 Comic Strips)

Graeme Frontbum’s Pet World

Graeme Frontbum’s Pet World (14 Comic Strips)

Ogga The Cane Toad comic strips

Ogga The Cane Toad (85 Comic Strips)

Boggle dice shaker

Boggle Dice Shaker (Built With Javascript)

Beautiful centered menus with CSS

CSS: Horizontally Centred Menus (With Optional Dropdowns)

A fractal tree made by recursive drawing

Create Fractals With This Amazing Recursive Drawing Tool

Ads that can change size to fit any screen size

Responsive Banner Ads with HTML5 and CSS3

How to add CSS to HTML

How to add CSS to HTML (With Link, Embed, Import, and Inline styles)

Columns all the same height

Equal-Height Columns (CSS Grid, Flexbox, Floated Containers, & Table Methods)

Footer at the bottom of the page

Get Down! How to Keep Footers at the Bottom of the Page

Is CSS margin top or bottom better?

CSS: Margin Top vs Bottom (A Trick You Should Know)

An architect working on a computer

Hiring an Architect? 12 Questions to Ask them First

A wide entrance hallway

Hallways: Are They a Waste of Space?

Printed house plans

Floor Plan Copyright: How To Legally Build From A Design

Open floor plan kitchen and dining room

Open Floor Plans And House Value (Trend Analysis)

A rolled iron roof under gum trees

Do Architects Charge For Consultations? (Questions To Ask)

Architect sketches for a house design

Architect vs Draftsman: Which One Should You Hire?

Small house blueprint

13 Small House Design Principles (The Illustrated Guide)

Flowers growing in a tiny house window flowerbox

12 Small House Benefits: Why Building Tiny Makes Sense!

Responsive Columns Layout System

Responsive Columns: Build Amazing Layouts With Custom HTML Tags

3-meter wide driveway house floor plan

3-Meter Wide Driveway Houses (Examples, Photos, & Floor Plans)

An example of a printed MacBook Air

Printable MacBook Air! (4 Easy Steps)

A fractal artwork of an owl in a tree

Fractal Art (Exploring Fractals & Art Based On Fractals)

Watercolor painting of a small house in a field

What is Considered a Small House? (Handy Size Guide)

Superman blocking styles

Style Blocker: How To Prevent CSS Cascade With Shadow DOM

Responsive house plan

Responsive House Plan (Web Design Meets Architecture!)

Graeme Frontbum

Graeme Frontbum (About the Comic Strip & Characters)

Ogga surfing

Ogga the Cane Toad (About the Comic Strip & Characters)

Lyndal the flower girl

Art by Matthew James Taylor (Paintings, Drawings & Digital Art)

Fractal gravity

Fractal Gravity: The Solution Must Also Explain Itself

Soul Search Graphic Story

Soul Search (2 Page Graphic Story)

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