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I have attended hundreds of life drawing classes over the last 20 years and had many wonderful experiences.

During this time I experimented with most kinds of equipment, mediums, and techniques, and this has led to over one thousand life drawings in my personal collection, and it’s still growing.

For several years I learned anatomy and studied life drawings by the great masters. This knowledge greatly improved my skills as an artist.

In my articles, I share everything I know about life drawing along with examples of my work.

Charcoal still life drawing of my shoe

Still Life (Drawings & Paintings)

Life drawings drawn with different pose times from 1 minute to two hours

Life Drawing & Pose Time (From 1 Minute to 2 Hours)

Sepia ink life drawing

Ink Life Drawing (6 Experiments with Nibs & Brushes)

Detail of a male model in white charcoal

White Charcoal Life Drawing On Toned Paper

A charcoal portrait of Angela reading a book

Portraiture (Exploring Different Mediums, Styles & Techniques)

A selection of life drawings in different mediums

Best Life Drawing Mediums (Examples, Tips & Techniques)

My standard life drawing equipment

Best Life Drawing Equipment (What to Bring to a Class)

Graphite Pencil Life Drawing

Graphite Pencil Life Drawing (Rendering & Sketch Examples)

A nice sharp pencil

The Art of Sharpening Pencils (Styles & Techniques)

A charcoal life drawing of a female model

Charcoal Life Drawing (Examples On White & Toned Paper)

Black and white charcoal study of folded fabric

Drapery Drawing (Folded Fabric Studies in Charcoal & Pencil)

Chalk life drawing with Conté Crayon

Chalk Life Drawings (Conté Crayon Vs Chalk Pencil)

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