Charcoal life drawing

Life drawing

Charcoal Life Drawing (Plus White Charcoal Pencil on Toned Paper)

Matthew James Taylor3 January 2022

Charcoal is my favorite medium for life drawing. Particularly charcoal pencil.

This page showcases my best charcoal life drawings.

I've divided my collection into the following sets:

I hope they inspire you to try charcoal life drawing for yourself.

My favorite charcoal mediums are also revealed below.

Charcoal Life Drawings on White Paper

Man seated with hands on stool
"Man seated with hands on stool"
Softly drawn girl
"Softly drawn girl"
Man on tall stool
"Man on tall stool"
Girl sitting with arm back
"Girl sitting with arm back"
Girl leaning over from back
"Girl leaning over from back"
Cute girl
"Cute girl"
Man leaning on block
"Man leaning on block"
Crouching man's back
"Crouching man's back"
Sitting man's side
"Sitting man's side"
Girl with pillow
"Girl with pillow"
Girl reclining head on hand
"Girl reclining head on hand"
Reclining girl with pillow
"Reclining girl with pillow"
Girl reclining on back
"Girl reclining on back"
Girl leaning on chair
"Girl leaning on chair"
Great seated pose
"Great seated pose"
Seated girl head on hand
"Seated girl head on hand"
Foreshortened girl
"Foreshortened girl"
6 girls from my sketchbook
"6 girls from my sketchbook"
Foreshortened girl sitting
"Foreshortened girl sitting"

Charcoal Life Drawings on Toned Paper

I love to add color to my life drawings by using toned paper. There are many colors to choose from.

Sitting girl in burgundy
"Sitting girl in burgundy"
Nude series on blue paper
"Nude series on blue paper"
Reclining girl's back
"Reclining girl's back"

White Charcoal Life Drawings on Toned Paper

Once you start using toned paper then I highly recommend adding white highlights. They can make your drawing come alive!

Sleeping girl
"Sleeping girl"
Girl on pillow' in black and white charcoal pencil
"Girl on pillow"
Burgundy girl
"Burgundy girl"
Hands in light
"Hands in light"
Seated man
"Seated man"
Twisted girl
"Twisted girl"
Man leaning back
"Man leaning back"
Seated girl long study
"Seated girl long study"
David look-a-like
"David look-a-like"
Seated man in burgundy
"Seated man in burgundy"
Reclining girl
"Reclining girl"
Girl with no feet
"Girl with no feet"
Five girls
"Five girls"
Man crouched holding leg
"Man crouched holding leg"
Man on ground
"Man on ground"
Man sitting crossed legs
"Man sitting crossed legs"
Man with hand on head
"Man with hand on head"
Man sitting face on
"Man sitting face on"
Man standing up straight
"Man standing up straight"
Side-lit man
"Side-lit man"

Best Charcoal For Life Drawing

The General's Charcoal pencils are my favorite medium for life drawing.

Here's why I think they're the best:

  • They have a beautiful sooty texture.
  • They have strong charcoal leads that rarely break.
  • They make minimal mess because they're in pencil form.
  • They come in white which is perfect for highlights on toned paper.
  • And there are many grades to choose from.

It works out cheaper to buy these in the following set:

  • 3 × charcoal pencils (6B, 4B, 2B)
  • 1 × white charcoal pencil
  • 1 × kneadable eraser (Bonus!)

I highly recommend you try these out! (Amazon link)

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