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Still Life (Drawings & Paintings)

Still life is a type of art that depicts inanimate objects, such as fruits, flowers, bottles, books, etc. These objects are arranged in a specific composition and are often depicted in realistic or detailed manner

"Ikea pig" Still life oil painting

Ikea pig
Matthew James Taylor
Oil on canvas
18 Sep 2017

I painted this Ikea pig because my son loves them!

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"Watering-can" A black and white pointillism still life

Watering can (pointillism)
Matthew James Taylor
Black felt-tip pen on art paper
11 Jul 2009
About an hour

I sat in my backyard and drew the corner of the garden. I chose a pointillism style just for something different. It sure does take a lot of time to build up tone with little dots!

I paid close attention to the misalignment of the bricks and the resulting shadows and gaps between them - I think this really makes the picture interesting.

Rather than drawing everything I could see I let the image fade to white at the perimeter, this was very easy to do with the pointillism technique - I simply used fewer and fewer dots as I got close to the edge of the page.

"Pistachios" Larger than life gouache painting

Matthew James Taylor
Gouache on art paper
13 Feb 2005
1 hour

I was eating some pistachios and I noticed how beautiful they looked up close so I decided to do a painting of them.

I drew them in pencil first then painted over the top.

The hardest thing with this work was not eating them till I was finished! =)

"Fruit" Still life gouache painting

Matthew James Taylor
Gouache on art paper
12 Feb 2005
30 minutes

The brushwork in this still life painting is quite rough but because the colors are reasonably accurate the image holds together quite well.

Unfortunately, the plate is noticably not perfectly round.

"My shoe" Charcoal still life drawing

My shoe
Matthew James Taylor
Charcoal, white charcoal on grey paper
11 May 2004
1 hour

I was looking for something to draw because I was bored and I saw my shoe! I love how the white really gives a shine to the black leather.

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