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Trees (Drawings, Illustrations & Other Artwork)

I love the fractal nature of trees, they're super-fun to draw in all kinds of styles and mediums.

"Kidney shaped tree" Fractal illustration

Kidney shaped tree fractal
Matthew James Taylor
14 May 2012

I created this tree using an online Recursive Drawing tool that's so fun to play with.

Read my article on recursive drawing for more information.

"Pixel tree fractal" Photoshop illustration

Fractal tree
Matthew James Taylor
Charcoal, white charcoal on tan paper
Adobe Photoshop
2 Feb 2011

This illustration came from an idea to draw a picture in layers of increasing detail like a fractal - I've been quite obsessed with fractals and recursive behavior lately.

I starting in Photoshop with a very small image (16 x 16 pixels), and drew the tree trunk with a one-pixel brush.

I then doubled the size of the image with resampling set to 'nearest neighbor' so the colors stayed sharp. Using the same one-pixel brush (now only a quarter of the size) I drew the next set of branches in a different color.

I repeated the 'doubling then drawing' process five times, until I reached the tiny leaves. This last layer took a long time because there were so many leaves on the tree!

Finally I drew the owl in the same colours and pixel dimensions as the tree and sat him on one of the branches.

See more of my fractal art.

"Tree growing in rocks" Charcoal drawing

Tree growing in rocks
Matthew James Taylor
Charcoal, white charcoal on tan paper
21 Oct 2007
20 minutes

I found this really interesting tree to draw at the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. It was growing out of the cracks between some huge sandstone blocks and above that there was a man made retaining wall of smaller blocks. It made for some really interesting shapes. I had to climb half way up a cliff to get to it.

"Red tree" Red chalk drawing on manila paper

Red tree
Matthew James Taylor
Red and white chalk on manila paper
6 Mar 2005
40 minutes

I went to see an exhibition on French drawing at the Art Gallery of NSW and I was so inspired that I had to draw something. I had no-one to model for me so instead I sat in the park across the road from my house and drew this tree.

"Frangipani" Black and white pencil study

Matthew James Taylor
Black and white pencil on tan paper
17 Nov 2003
Approximately 1 hour

This is a close-up of a beautiful frangipanni tree from my neighbour's front yard.

"Stylized tree" Mixed media drawing

Stylized tree
Matthew James Taylor
Black ink, colored pencil on tan paper
23 Feb 2003
10 minutes

Just a quick picture of a tree. I painted the first part with ink then finished it off with coloured pencil.

"2 trees" Oil painting

2 trees
Matthew James Taylor
Oil on canvas

Just a simple oil painting of some weird trees that are quite fractal-like.

See my other oil paintings.

"Tree of color" Colored pencil doodle

Tree of color
Matthew James Taylor
Colored pencil, black felt tip pen

I often draw trees just for something to do.

See more of my doodles.

"Bushland trees" Pencil illustration

Bushland trees: pencil illustration
Matthew James Taylor
Graphite pencil on art paper

This is a detailed section of my two-page graphic novel, Soul Search.

Matthew James Taylor

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