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Ogga the Cane Toad (About the Comic Strip & Characters)

Ogga surfing

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This is Ogga

Ogga the Cane Toad

Ogga is a cane toad.

He lives on the coast in Queensland, Australia.

Ogga is the star of my comic strip: Ogga the Cane Toad which documents his adventures with his friends.

He was first drawn on St. Patrick's Day, 17 March 1994 which makes him (at the time of writing this) 28 years old! It also makes sense that he's green.

Ogga is lots of fun to draw because he gets up to some crazy things.

Let's learn more about Ogga, starting with his interests.

Ogga Loves to Go Surfing

A comic page of Ogga surfing
"A comic page of Ogga surfing"
Ogga is back!
"Ogga is back!"
Ogga surfing foreshortened
"Ogga surfing foreshortened"
Ogga surfing around Marvin the shark
"Ogga surfing around Marvin the shark"
A comic strip frame
"A comic strip frame"
Ogga surfing (old)
"Ogga surfing (old)"
Surf Ogga color
"Surf Ogga color"
Ogga surf colored pencil
"Ogga surf colored pencil"
MS Paint Ogga
"MS Paint Ogga"

Ogga Lives in a Shoe

Like most cane toads in Queensland, Ogga lives in a shoe.

Happy Ogga in his shoe
"Happy Ogga in his shoe"
Ogga shoe black & white
"Ogga shoe black & white"
Ogga shoe color
"Ogga shoe color"

Ogga's V8 Roller Skate

Don't ask me how or why he has a V8 roller skate, but he does. It has existed in a few different forms over the years.

He steers by pulling on the laces like horse reins.

And he catches bugs to eat with the 'bug-catcher' air intake.

Ogga in his modern V8 roller skate
"Ogga in his modern V8 roller skate"
Ogga driving his V8 roller skate
"Ogga driving his V8 roller skate"
Ogga's old V8 roller skate
"Ogga's old V8 roller skate"

The Bugs

Ogga likes to eat the bugs. Well, he does if he can catch them!

Here are the main bug characters:

The bug characters
The bugs: Dot the male ladybug, Barry the cockroach, Jerry the cricket, and Cid the centipede.
Sam the snail
There's also a snail, Sam

Underwater Characters

When Ogga's out surfing in the ocean he often encounters these characters:

Gus the blue-ringed octopus
"Gus the blue-ringed octopus"
Marvin the shark
"Marvin the shark"
Trent the sea urchin
"Trent the sea urchin"


This is Oggette, Ogga's girlfriend. She's beautiful... for a cane toad!

Ogga and Oggette
"Ogga and Oggette" Ain't they the pair!

Ogga's Eyebrows

Ogga's eyebrows are not connected to him, they float above his head. But even though there is no physical connection between Ogga and his eyebrows, they can't get too far away from each other. This leads to some interesting situations:

Ogga's eyebrows stuck inside the house
Ogga's eyebrows stuck inside the house

Lex the Seagull

Ogga has a friend, Lex.

Hey Lex!

Lex is a seagull who likes to perch on Ogga's eyebrows.

Super Ogga

When Lex picks up Ogga by his eyebrows and flies away, Ogga becomes Super Ogga! This is how Ogga flies.

Super Ogga
"Super Ogga"
Super Ogga flying with Lex
"Super Ogga flying with Lex"


James is the owner of Ogga's shoe. He's a surfer too.

Sometimes they will surf together and Ogga will stand on the end of James's board.

James and Ogga surfing
"James and Ogga surfing"
James and Ogga surfing color
"James and Ogga surfing color"

James's House

This is James's house, it's right on the beach.

James's house
"James's house"
Ogga's shoe on the back verandah
"Ogga's shoe on the back verandah"
James's old car seat
"James's old car seat"

Ogga's shoe is normally on the back verandah of James's house... because it's James's shoe.

James has an old car bench seat on his back verandah to use as a couch, it still has the seatbelts attached!

Ogga Evolution

Ogga character evolution, first drawing to now
"Ogga character evolution" First drawing to now.

You may have noticed that Ogga looks different in some of these illustrations, that's because he has evolved a lot over the years.

The two main changes are:

Ogga is a 2D character. This means he doesn't exist in 3D. One limitation of this is you can't draw him from exactly front-on. Believe me, I've tried!

So that gives you a good overview of the Ogga the Cane Toad comic strip, the characters, and the setting.

Read my Ogga comics!

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