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Graeme Frontbum (About the Comic Strip & Characters)

Matthew James Taylor2 January 2022

This is Graeme Frontbum

Graeme Frontbum fist pump

Graeme is fat.

He is so fat, he has a bum at the front.

In fact, his back and front look the same!

But he doesn't care.

During the day, Graeme runs his pet store called "Pet World". This is how he earns his living.

Some days it seems as if the animals run the store.

You can follow Graeme's adventures in my comic strip: Graeme Frontbum's Pet World.

Graeme Frontbum Illustrations

Graeme Frontbum watching TV
"Graeme Frontbum watching TV"
Graeme Frontbum fist pump
"Graeme Frontbum fist pump"
Graeme Frontbum in the hallway
"Graeme Frontbum in the hallway"

Graeme Frontbum Character Design

Character sketches

Here are a few sketches I did to work out how Graeme looks in certain situations and with different expressions:

Different body angles
"Different body angles"
Body angles in pencil
"Body angles in pencil"
Graeme Frontbum expressions
"Graeme Frontbum expressions"
Animal designs
"Animal designs"

Pattern fills

I created a series of flat patterned fills that I used to color various parts of Graeme and other objects. I then make them look more 3D by brushing shadows and highlights over the top in Photoshop.

Shirt pattern
"Shirt pattern"
Slacks pattern
"Slacks pattern"
Sofa pattern
"Sofa pattern"
Lamp pattern
"Lamp pattern"

Graeme Frontbum with no legs

Just for fun, I experimented with Graeme having no legs. He just floated above the floor.

It was a failed experiment. Although, he does make a good stress-ball shape without legs! (future toy idea)

Body angles in pencil
"Graeme Frontbum with no legs"
Graeme Frontbum on the toilet
"Graeme Frontbum on the toilet"

Graeme Frontbum in the nude

I know you're curious what Graeme looks like in the nude. Well, you don't have to wonder any longer!

Like I already said, he has an identical bum at the front and back:

Graeme Frontbum nude
Graeme Frontbum nude

Buy Graeme Frontbum Art

If you're interested in supporting me, you can buy Graeme Frontbum art on OpenSea as NFTs.


Don't forget to read Graeme's comic strips: Graeme Frontbum's Pet World.

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