Print out your own MacBook Air

Print out your own MacBook Air

Can't afford a new MacBook Air? Well here's the next best thing - a printable version!


  1. Download the front and back images (click the thumbnails below to get the full resolution pics).
  2. Print them out on a colour printer on separate sheets.
  3. Stick the pages together back-to-back.
  4. Fold at the hinge.
  5. Sit back and admire the form factor...

The images

Printable MacBook Air model - front Printable MacBook Air model - back

How it should look

Err... perhaps we should have used A3 paper... it looks a little small next to a Black MacBook. If you can do better, email me your attempts and I'll add them to this page.

The printable MacBook Air model next to a black MacBook

Updated: 15 Jan 2008

First published: 16 Jan 2008