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Printable MacBook Air! (4 Easy Steps)

16 Jan 2008 — Updated 13 Mar 2023

An example of a printed MacBook Air

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Can't afford a new MacBook Air? Well here's the next best thing — a printable version!


Only 4 easy steps to get your MacBook Air:

  1. Download the PDF file that contains the front and back images
  2. Print on a color printer (on separate sheets or double sided)
  3. Cut out the shape (Stick multiple pages together back-to-back if not double-sided)
  4. Fold at the hinge

You're done! Sit back and admire the form factor...

Download the PDF File

Printable MacBook Air model PDF
macbook-air-printable.pdf (143.6 KB)

This handy two-page PDF file contains both the front and back images as separate pages.

Print the pages individually or use the double-sided feature on your printer if you have it.

The Raw Images

Here are the raw front and back images of the Macbook Air if you need access to them directly:

Printable MacBook Air model - front
Printable MacBook Air model - back

Photos Of The Model

Full size:

An example of a printed MacBook Air

Here's a full-size version printed on A3 paper by Lucky Magpantay and Mark Lloyde Magpantay from the Philippines. Impressive!

Half size:

The printable MacBook Air model next to a black MacBook
Here's a half-size version that I made by printing it on A4 paper.

Miniature size:

Tiny Macbook Air for a dolls house
Pam Harris from Toronto Ontario Canada made this cute, miniature Macbook Air for her dollhouse!

Send Me Your Version

Have you made one? Send me photos of your creation and I'll add them to this page.

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