Web design tips

Are you learning web design?

I’ve been working professionally as a web developer for over 20 years and this website is where I share my web design tips.

Check out my website layouts for interface designs, navigation prototypes, responsive design demos and commonly requested page layouts such as my perfect liquid layouts.

See my CSS tutorials section for some of my best CSS techniques and tricks.

My experimental web design section contains more unusual ideas and experiments that I’ve explored over the years. Some of these are quite fun.

I’m also interested in search engine optimisation and have worked in this field professionally for a number of years. Many of my articles cover the methods I use to improve website rankings in Google.

See my web design portfolio for examples of websites I’ve built.

I’ve also been an active member on Stack Overflow for over 10 years and often help answer people’s web design questions.

CSS tutorials

See the CSS techniques and tactics I use when building websites

Web Design Courses

Learn how to build websites from scratch with these recommended HTML and CSS courses.