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1 Column Layouts (Examples & Demo Files)

2 Feb 2022 — Updated 20 Mar 2023


These layouts all use the Responsive Columns layout system.

Download All Demos
(responsive-columns.zip 155k)

One column layouts are pretty simple, but they come in many different forms.

In this article, we'll explore the various types of one-column layouts and show how to easily create them with the Responsive Columns layout system. You can download all of these demos with the handy link above.

Let's get started.

Basic 1 Column Layout

This one-column layout is about as simple as they come, it includes padding and a background color.

Column content


<r-c join>
        Column content

Fixed-Width 1 Column Layout

This one-column layout has a maximum width so lines of text don't get too long to read. The column is centered on the page when it's not 100% wide.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque iaculis lectus vel metus pellentesque, eu venenatis est euismod. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Phasellus eget lacinia ipsum. Aenean gravida interdum enim, nec rhoncus orci mollis et. Maecenas posuere sed libero id porta. Aenean finibus nulla metus, vitae dictum odio pretium id.


<r-c class="fixed-width">
        <!-- Content here -->


.fixed-width > * {
    margin:0 auto;

Set your max-width in ems if you want the width to be relative to your text size. You can also use pixels or percentage widths if you prefer.

Full-Screen Centered 1 Column Layout

In this one-column layout, the column is forced to the full height of the screen and the content is centered horizontally and vertically.

Vertically and horizontally centered content


<r-c join class="full-height-centered">
    <c1-1 r-c middle>
            <!-- Content here -->


.full-height-centered {

Full-Screen Photo, 1 Column Layout

This one-column layout is the height of your browser window and filled with a full screen photo for maximum effect.


<r-c join class="full-height">
    <c1-1 class="cover-photo">


.full-height {
    min-height:100vh; /* vh = viewport height */

.cover-photo {
    background-position:50% 50%;

Note: I'm using Lorem Picsum for a random photo as the column background. You can use whatever image you like.

1 Column Layout With Semantic HTML5 Tags

This one-column layout uses semantic HTML5 tags.

Column content


<article data-r-c data-join>
    <section data-c1-1 class="red">
        <!-- column content -->

The Responsive Columns system is compatible with semantic tags. Full details here: How to use semantic HTML tags with responsive columns.


.red {

Full Browser Support

Responsive Columns works in all modern browsers, plus all old browsers that support Flexbox:

The Responsive Columns Layout System Is Simple And Powerful

You can easily change the widths of your columns and change how they respond to different screen sizes.

Refer to the Responsive Columns Documentation to see how easy it is to create responsive layouts to your exact requirements.


These layouts all use the Responsive Columns layout system.

Download All Demos
(responsive-columns.zip 155k)

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