Optimise your home tab text for better SEO

Optimise your 'home tab' text for better SEO

Here is a neat little Search Engine Optimisation trick that I use all the time...

Every website has a navigation menu and in almost all cases the first tab in that menu is called 'Home' and it links to the homepage. This is very bad for SEO, here's why.

Google looks at the text in inbound links and uses those keywords to help build up a page theme. So when you link to a page with the word 'Home' you are actually telling Google that this page is about 'Home'. I'm willing to bet you a million dollars that your homepage is not about 'Home', it's actually about a product or service that you offer. Even if it was about 'Home', because there are millions of websites using the keyword 'Home' to link to their homepages the word has lost all meaning.

We can take this one step further. Imagine you have a website with 1000 pages and the same menu is across the top of every page. That's an awful lot of inbound links telling Google your homepage is about 'Home'.

It's time to take action! If you have a 'Home' tab on your website I urge you to change it immediately. Use something more descriptive, something that explains what you do. Select keywords that people use to search when they are trying to find your product or service. If you sell blue widgets then change your home tab to 'Blue Widgets', simple. This is such a powerful trick and almost no-one does it. Give it a try today.

Updated: 19 Feb 2009

First published: 20 Feb 2009