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'Website Checklist' Visited Link CSS Demo

This is an interesting use of visited links. If you have recently visited any of the websites below, they will have a green tick to the left. The effect is achieved by adding a tick image to the background of each link with the CSS ':visited' pseudo-class.

So, how many ticks do you have? Don't worry if you have none, It's easy to add more: Just click on each link, visit the page, then coming back to this page to see your shiny new green tick! :)

The one limitation of this method is that it only works with a single URL, you can't for example tick YouTube when someone has been to any page on that domain, only the homepage.

Websites you have visited:

Art and Design by Matthew James Taylor

Resetting the links

You can untick all links again by simply clearing the history in your browser. Alternatively, try switching to a different browser if you have more than one installed.

Download the demo files (website-checklist.zip - 12kb)

Once you have downloaded the demo code you can experiment with visited links in the comfort of your own home.

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