CeBIT Australia new website launch

by Matthew James Taylor on 6 October 2009

CeBIT Australia: new website launch

Today I finally launched a new website that I've been working on for a couple of months: CeBIT is a huge technology exhibition and conference that's held in Hannover (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey) and Sydney (Australia). This website is just for the Australian event which will be held in May next year.

The website was built with Siteflex CMS which is a product of Solutions Outsourced here in Australia. The Siteflex guys have been a pleasure to work with and even made numerous changes to their CMS so it met my specific needs (SEO & web accessibility). There are still a few things to tidy up here and there on the website, but on the whole I think it's been quite a successful project considering the short timeframe.

When designing the website I incorporated an image into each page header along with a companion phrase - these change as you navigate around the website to match the theme of the current page. By adding them to each page they help search engine optimisation plus they build up a picture of what CeBIT is about.

If anyone is interested in technology, and particularly internet-based technology, then I highly recommend you come down to the show in Darling Harbour on 24-26 May 2010. There will be a massive Online Business section on the exhibition show floor plus there is a Web Marketing and Web Enterprise conference - both will be well worth attending.

CeBIT Australia Website

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