Skating dog

A quick doodle on a wet beer coaster by Matthew James Taylor on 17 May 2009

Skating dog (A quick doodle on a wet beer coaster)
Black ink on a wet beer coaster
Creation time
10 seconds

Comments by the artist

I drew this at my local pub the other night. As you can see it's about as simple as you can get for a drawing. It's a little roller skating dog that I did for my girlfriend so she could include it on her new website,

Felicity is always doodling cute little drawings of snails, bugs, little people, etc. and now she blows them up really big on her website. It's amazing how interesting a little doodle can be when you zoom in at a high resolution - you can even see the fibres in the paper. They become little landscapes, very cool. Check out what she did to my dog, don't forget to hit the 'fullscreen' button and double click to zoom in even more. I really like how the coaster is still wet, the original doesn't look as interesting now its dry. Lucky she scanned it straight away!

You can send her a doodle of your own if you want to, she publishes the best ones on her site.

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Matthew James Taylor