Kidsit babysitting website launch

by Matthew James Taylor on 26 March 2018

Kidsit Babysitting website launch

I'm very excited today to tell you about my latest website; Kidsit babysitting tips.

This website is my place to share everything I've learned while caring for my three kids over the past eight years. Yes, that's why I haven't been blogging much lately ;)

Kidsit is aimed at parents and child carers such as babysitters and nannies or anyone who is looking after children and may benefit from some helpful parenting advice.

So far I've only published one article about babysitting sick children but a lot more are in progress.

If this is a subject you're interested in then add Kidsit to your bookmarks and check back from time to time. I will be adding a newsletter subscription soon too so you can be alerted to new articles the minute they're posted.

How I built the website

Kidsit is a PHP 7 website with a MySQL backend and it's my first website to be hosted on Amazon Web Services. AWS is brilliant I must say, there is a steep learning curve but it's definitely worth the investment to learn.

With Kidsit my two main focuses (apart from great content) are speed and mobile.

To be as mobile optimised as possible I've opted for a fully responsive design with a single column layout. Not only is this great for mobile but it works for the desktop experience too. By eliminating multiple columns (and the excess code that brings) the website is simpler and faster for everyone.

I've done a lot of things to increase speed.

All the graphics and icons on Kidsit are inline SVG images, this increases site speed for two main reasons:

The first reason is vector images are small in file size (only a few kb each) and I make sure they're as simple as possible by drawing basic illustrations with minimalistic shapes using as few nodes as possible.

The second reason is by inlining SVG into the page's HTML there are no additional network requests to retrieve the image, this can speed up a page tremendously.

I'm also using AWS CloudFront to cache my website around the world.

About the design

I actually spent more time on the design than the technology.

The colour scheme took months of work tweaking and fine-tuning before I found the perfect balance of colours and tones that maintained a gentle harmony between them.

I am especially happy with my sun logo with baby-in-arms.

My articles will all feature vector illustrations of children, caregivers and parents, these are a set of characters I've specially created for the site and will continue to develop over time. My years of experience drawing comic strips has really helped with this, I feel like my articles are becoming more like illustrated stories and this makes them more fun to read.

So that's it for my introduction. I will update this article as I launch new sections of content, but now it's over to you.

Check out, I hope you like it.

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