Kevin Taylor Art: Website Launch

by Matthew James Taylor on 30 March 2012

Kevin Taylor Art: Website Launch

I'm sure I get all my artistic talents from my Dad. It's probably no surprise because not only is he an extremely talented artist, but he has also been a successful private art tutor for the past 29 years. I attended many of his painting workshops as a kid and I was always down in his studio checking out his latest work. He encouraged me to draw and paint throughout my childhood and I'm so glad he did.

Well today it's my chance to pay Dad back by launching a website for him! It's called Kevin Taylor Art and it promotes his Gold Coast art classes as well as showcases his student's work and his own oil paintings. If you live in the Gold Coast and you are interested in attending some art classes then I highly recommend my Dad! (I'm not biased ;) He he.

About the website

It's only a simple website but I built it in HTML5 and I'm using CSS media queries to make it mobile, iPad, and desktop friendly. I haven't done much cross-browser testing in IE so it will probably look like a mobile site for those users, maybe I'll get around to fixing that one day. :)

Check out these beautiful paintings...

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