Fractal Gravity

by Matthew James Taylor on 3 October 2011

Fractal Gravity

I've been obsessed with fractals for years and recently it occurred to me that the universe itself could be one giant fractal. This makes a lot of sense because we find fractal behaviour everywhere and at every scale in the universe. Could Gravity be explained by a fractal universe?

Over the last year I've been jotting down notes and ideas about Fractal Gravity and today I finally put them together to create a new website:

So far my ideas are a bit inconsistent and poorly organised but I think I've captured enough thoughts to finally present them in a half-decent way. I haven't really tackled the central idea of Fractal Gravity properly yet but I'm hoping that publishing my ideas will help me develop them further. I definitely think the idea has merit.

I would love to hear what my readers think of this idea, does it even make sense? Hopefully you can find something interesting in my ramblings on the subject. ;)

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