Writing with an ink nib is so much more expressive

A black ink nib doodle on watercolour paper by Matthew James Taylor on 30 October 2009

Writing with an ink nib is so much more expressive (A black ink nib doodle on watercolour paper)
Black drawing ink on watercolour paper
Creation time
Two hours and some

Comments by the artist

I love drawing with black ink and an ink nib! The lines are so much more expressive with their varying widths and flowing curves. You can get scratchy shapes or blobby splotches depending on how much ink is loaded in the nib and how fast you draw. The whole process feels so much more natural and beautiful.

I intend to keep working on this drawing. I want to fill up more of the blank spaces with stronger areas of black and then I will have a go at colouring it with subdued watercolours over the top. This was the reason for drawing on watercolour paper to begin with.

I love the way the doodle explodes out of the word 'expressive'. this wasn't planned, it just worked out that way as I made it up when I went along. I was using my previous doodle as inspiration however.

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