Watering Can

A black and white pointillism illustration by Matthew James Taylor on 11 July 2009

Watering Can (A black and white pointillism illustration)
Black felt-tip pen on art paper
Creation time
About an hour

Comments by the artist

I sat in our backyard today and drew the corner of our garden. I chose a pointillism style just for something different. It sure does take a lot of time to build up tone with little dots!

I paid close attention to the misalignment of the bricks and the resulting shadows and gaps between them - I think this really makes the picture interesting. Rather than drawing everything I could see I let the image fade to white at the perimeter, this was very easy to do with the pointillism technique - I simply used fewer and fewer dots as I got close to the edge of the page.

The plant pot has some bulbs coming up that we planted about a month ago. It will be nice when they start flowering because the garden looks quite bare in winter.

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Matthew James Taylor