Three men in red pencil

Coloured pencil drawing by Matthew James Taylor on 23 May 2006

Three men in red pencil (Coloured pencil drawing)
Red pencil on art paper
Creation time
5 minutes each

Comments by the artist

I was experimenting with a red pencil in these drawings. It's actually a big thick lead that you use in an automatic (clickable) pencil but I didn't have the pencil part. I just drew with the piece of lead by itself and I think it works better. You can get a lot more variety with your drawing strokes, even nice tonal ones by using the lead on it's side. you could never do that if it was held in a pencil. I think you can get these refills in different colours so I will try to find some.

In these drawings I made an effort to include as much anatomy as I could in the limited time available. There are some nice muscle shapes around the arms.

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Matthew James Taylor