The backyard chair

Watercolour painting by Matthew James Taylor on 3 November 2007

The backyard chair (Watercolour painting)
Watercolour painting
Creation time
About an hour

Comments by the artist

This is from my backyard. We have a beautiful green bushy plant that grows along our side brick wall covering a little chair and a table. At this time of year beautiful orangy-red flowers come out and almost completely cover it. While I was painting this I noticed a little bird was making a nest in the bush. It kept coming and going with little twigs - very cute!

I'm not very experienced with watercolour but I'm getting better each time I give it a go. I started this painting with some light washes of colour and slowly built up the darks. The flowers turned out more purple than orange but it still looks ok. The bricks are my favourite part - they are just simple rectangle shapes.

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Matthew James Taylor