Seated girl long study

Detailed charcoal rendered drawing by Matthew James Taylor on 25 June 2005

Seated girl long study (Detailed charcoal rendered drawing)
Black and white charcoal
Creation time
4 hours

Comments by the artist

I had not drawn a long pose for quite some time so I decided to do one today. This is a really nice pose and I took my time to get it all drawn in as accurately as possible. It's nice to be able to leisurely sketch away without feeling rushed by a short time frame.

The light was almost directly coming from my direction so there weren't many large shadow areas on the model. I like drawing from this position because it means that there are a lot of fully lit areas that need to be rendered with white charcoal. I love adding white to a drawing, it lifts the subject off the page and gives it a life of it's own. Of course you can only use white on toned paper.

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Matthew James Taylor