Reclining female

Pencil sketch by Matthew James Taylor on 9 September 2003

Reclining female (Pencil sketch)
Pencil on art paper

Comments by the artist

This is a example of extreme foreshortening!

I drew this on the first page of one of my sketch books. Because it was in contact with the black plastic front cover it rubbed together over time and smudged the picture quite a bit. Lucky I scanned it before it was ruined! Since that day I always skip the first page when I get a new book.

Another thing I've learned is to draw on one side of each page only. This allows me to scan a drawing later without any danger of other drawings showing through from the other side. Some of my old sketch books wern't done this way and as a result you can see other drawings showing through no matter how I scan them.

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Matthew James Taylor