Halloween optical illusion mural

A perspective painting on a wall that looks like it's a hallway by Matthew James Taylor on 31 October 2011

Halloween optical illusion mural (A perspective painting on a wall that looks like it's a hallway)
Acrylic paint
Creation time
About a day's work

Comments by the artist

I've always wanted to paint one of those murals that tricks the eye into thinking that it's 3D. Well I finally got the opportunity just last week. As part of our office Halloween party we did some painting outside on the building's roof and my awesome boss gave me permission to give this trompe l'oeil go. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I'm quite pleased how it turned out.

The painting was done inside a slightly recessed archway which helps to give the illusion of depth. Towards the bottom the wall comes forward almost flush with the surrounding bricks and it forms a little shelf - unfortunately this shelf catches the light and ruins the effect a bit. However, I'm really happy with the perspective of the wooden floor - this was the last part to be painted and it really 'popped' out when it was done. Check out the larger image to see more detail.

A big-shout out to Nick and Kath who helped with some of the painting!

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