Should I change the domain for this blog?

by Matthew James Taylor on 13 November 2011

Should I change my blog domain?

For a while now I've been thinking about changing the domain for my blog. I'm writing this because I want to hear what my readers think of the idea...

I'll start by saying that I'm very happy with my blog. I have good traffic and excellent link popularity. I can't complain really. It's just that I'm not very happy with my domain:

It's just too long! I don't know about you but I'm growing tired of typing my long URL many times a day. It's only a small thing maybe, but I think a shorter domain will make my life so much easier (hopefully easier for my readers too). So, does a domain really matter? If you've been following me for long enough you may remember that I've changed domains before... Twice actually!

I bought as my first domain back in 1999, I later switched to in 2005, and my last domain migration was to in 2007. You might have noticed that my domains keep getting longer... well I think it's time to end that tradition and try something new, and short:

So what do you think? It's simpler, shorter, it's still my name but hopefully easier to spell and easier to remember. Is this a good idea?

Cons of changing domains

  • It's a massive job. I've done it before so I know how much work is involved.
  • There will be an inevitable drop in my traffic during the changeover. This could last for weeks or even months.
  • I run the risk of messing up my SEO.
  • I will have broken inbound links forever! (Of course I will 301 redirect each page to its corresponding page on my new domain but my old domain will still be 'out there'.)

Pros of changing domains

  • I get a nice, new, short domain.
  • A migration is a perfect opportunity to do a website redesign.
  • There's nothing like a clean start!

Another benefit of changing domains is I'll have the opportunity to blog about the process. I can start by publishing my migration plans along with a checklist of important things to remember, then I can keep a detailed record of the events along the way. I'm sure some people would find that very useful.

So let me know what you think of this idea. Is it good, bad, or maybe you have some suggestions or tips? I'm all ears. Send your comments to matt [at] matthewjamestaylor [dot] com (Damn I hate typing such a long domain! ;)

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